La Maison Rouge

A story of men in the Alps …

La Maison Rouge…

This is the story of an old brick farmhouse, renovated in 2006 while retaining the soul and authenticity of Savoyard family homes, whichhas become ACTIMA’s first hotel.


An unprecedented model of integration. A SME based in Chambéry that brings together architects who are sensitive to the personality of Savoie and journeymen from the building trade, who are proud to use local techniques and materials in our own workshops and on our worksites.

We design and build alpine buildings, both on the plains and in mountain resorts, homes and sometimes hotels, which we operate with respect, humility and human values.

A story of men in the Alps…

Jean-Charles COVAREL

2006: La Maison Rouge in Barberaz

2017 : Val d’Isère

2018 : La Garage in Val d’Isère

2019 : Refuge de Solaise in Val d’Isère

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